How do I invest for an expense coming up in a year ?

Goal : I have an expense coming up in 1 year’s time. Instead of just keeping aside the money in a regular savings account I want to invest it in a safe instrument. …

PDUR module provides routing services of I-PDUs for COM and DCM modules using communication interface modules (like CanIf, LinIf and FlexRayIf) and transport protocol modules (like CanTp and FlexRayTp). Role of PDUR is limited to only routing, it cannot modify I-PDU or perform any checks of the data. It also…

The process of handling Jump to Boot request for serivce $10 DiagnosticSessionControl in Diagnostic Communication Manager module.

Let us first look at some of the DCM Config Parameters related to Jump To Boot process.

1. DcmDspSessionForBoot


This configuration parameter serves the following purposes

  1. Configures a diagnostic session as the one that needs…

Inforgraphic on the Big Five Personality Model. Drawing comparison between their core mechnisms, benefits and cost of each dimension. Also, lists describes the facets of each dimension, highlighting the impact on being high and low on each of these facets.

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