Initialization Sequence of an AUTOSAR ECU#1

The two step Init Process
  • Initialization of interrupts [EcuM_AL_SetProgrammableInterrupts()]
  • Initialization of BlockZero drivers [EcuM_AL_DriverInitZero()]
  • Loading of Post Build Configuration Data
  • Validation of the loaded data
  • Initialization of BlockOne drivers [EcuM_AL_DriverInitOne()]
  • Translation of Reset Reason
  • Selection of default Shutdown Target
  • Starting the OS
Step 1 : StartPreOs Sequence
  • SchM_Init — BSW scheduler is initialized
  • BswM_Init — BSW Mode Manager is initialized
  • BSW is notified about the wake-up events raised received during the startup.
Step Two : StartPostOs Sequence
Recommended Initialization Activities in StartPreOs Sequence




I stare at screens for a living.

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Abhishek Anand

Abhishek Anand

I stare at screens for a living.

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