How to use Manufacturer permission and Supplier permission for verification of a diagnostic request in Vector stack.

  1. Let’s say the request was a valid one and it has passed all the checks of DCM. In that case the typical call sequence would be MI — DCM — SI — DSD — SC — MC.
  2. Let’s assume the request has been rejected by DSD, in this case should the flag be set? Definitely no. Now, if the operation of setting the flags was done in SI, the flag would have been set without considering whether the request has been finally accepted or not. To avoid this, we make use of the SC. In SC we have the information to make that decision. In Vector DCM stack, the Confirmation prototype provides parameter Dcm_ConfirmationStatusType. This tells you if the response to the request was positive or negative and even if that response was sent out successfully or not.
  1. Enable the ManufacturerNotification and SupplierNotification in DcmGeneral.
  2. Create Runnables in the DCM SWC
  3. Set the triggers for these runnables as ServiceRequestNotification & ServiceRequestManufacturerNotification.
  4. Make sure the ports between DCM Service Component and Application component are connected.
  5. Write your checks in the runnables and you are good to go.




I stare at screens for a living.

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Abhishek Anand

Abhishek Anand

I stare at screens for a living.

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