Guide on fixing Polyspace errors.

What is Polyspace?

Polyspace checks

Interpreting results

  • Red: proven run-time error
  • Orange: possible run-time error
  • Green: proven absence of run-time errors
  • Grey: unreachable code.
  • The “Check” attribute.
  • This attribute is the name of the check that has generated the error.
  • This name can be found in the list of Polyspace checks listed in the previous section.
  • Polyspace provides detailed explanations and steps to review and fix the errors.
  • The “Detail” attribute.
  • This provides additional information on the result.
  • This works in conjugation with the check performed.
  • If the check is Overflow, this attribute will tell you which operation caused that overflow.

Fixing errors

  • Refer to the Check and Details attribute to figure out exactly what caused the error.
  • Refer to the previous link for steps on fixing the error.
  • Often, the error may not be on the line that has been reported. You may have to hunt down the root cause in the execution branches that lead up to the line.
  • Look for other errors that can be related to the line that has the error.
  • Superseding of check colors
  • It is highly recommended to fix Orange errors, as they might be hiding a Red error underneath.
  • A good approach could be to target the Red error first. If the Red error does not make sense, then target fixing the Orange errors in all the related execution paths.



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