DCM#1: Jump To Boot

1. DcmDspSessionForBoot

  1. Configures a diagnostic session as the one that needs to transition to boot.
  2. Further, it can identify two separate bootloaders. One for the OEM and one for the Supplier. Its use depends on the desing of the BSW for the ECU.
  3. Also, it specifies the source of the final positive response. This is can be either the application itself or the bootloader.

2. DcmSendRespPendOnTransToBoot


3. ModeDeclarationGroupPrototype DcmEcuReset

ModeDeclarationGroup DcmEcuRest

Different possible cases

Process of Jump to Boot in DCM

JumpToBoot in DCM

Step1: Switch mode of DcmEcuReset to trigger the BswM

Step2: Send the response pending negative response

Step3: Send the final positive response

Step4: Call Dcm_SetProgConditions()

Step5: Mode Switch DcmEcuReset to EXECUTE

Step6: Perform ECU Reset

Step7: In Boot




I stare at screens for a living.

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Abhishek Anand

Abhishek Anand

I stare at screens for a living.

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